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Relieve stress, pain, muscle cramps with our exclusive Massage Medic Therapy that combines the therapeutic benefit of remedial massage, with the science and technology of the Massage Medic POD to get results above and beyond traditional massage.

Massage Medic Therapy is more than just a traditional remedial massage, it is the ultimate massage experience!


Massage Medic Therapy enables you to get the benefits of remedial massage with the additional benefits of microvibration and adjustable heat from the Massage Medic POD. By incorporating The Massage Medic POD you are able to reset the body's nerves, relax muscles and improve circulation throughout the whole body all while lying down in your own private oasis. Both the microvibration and thermal  techniques are unable to be achieved by traditional remedial massage alone, however when included with a remedial massage, using the Massage Medic POD significantly improves the results that can be achieved. The Massage Medic POD is fully adjustable and includes aromatherapy, negative ion charged air, music therapy and chromotherapy (like red light therapy)  to further enhance your results and experience .


Massage Medic Therapy is ideal for:


  • sore, tender muscles

  • neck and back pain

  • stress and tension

  • osteoarthritis

  • gout

  • fibromyalgia

  • delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

  • insomnia

  • sports injuries

  • fluid retention

  • detoxification

  • weight loss

The Massage Medic POD was developed by a team of healthcare professionals including doctors, physiotherapists and naturopaths and is designed to give you results above and beyond traditional massage therapies.  With your head fully exposed, you are in control of pressure, temperature, vibration level and sound. Based on your concerns, your qualified practitioner will individually blend your own aromatherapy mix and select the correct chromotherapy for you to bathe in while you relax.

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  • Natural Gout Relief- Time to put your feet up and walk without pain. Let Massage Medic POD soothe painful toes and joints by helping the body remove uric acid that causes gout and release tension from legs and feet.

  • Better Sleep -Massage Medic POD uses natural gentle vibrations to help switch off an overactive sympathetic nervous system to calm a restless mind. The temperature is set to a very comfortable, slightly above body temperature to trick the body to go into sleep mode.
    While you lay relaxed breathing in the benefits of negative ion air, your mind will be soothed with tranquil sound that align with your natural circadian rhythm. Close your eyes switch off and snooze your way to great sleep and better health

  • Detox- Detox the mind and body and unlock your energy supplies.  In only half an hour Massage Medic POD detoxifies stressful emotions, lowers stress hormones, stimulates lymphatic function, promotes waste removal, boost circulation and for those who want a comprehensive detox, Massage medic can be combined with our Naturopathic total body reboot program for a complete treatment. A qualified practitioner is on hand to supervise your detox and ensure you get the best experience. A natural, easy way to detox.

  • Natural Pain Relief- The Massage Medic POD relieves arthritic pain and stiffness, fibromyalgia pain, alleviates back and joint pain, relieves muscle aches and cramps and can help relieve pain from migraines and headaches. Massage medic POD works with gravity rather than against it, taking pressure off the spine and nerves, and uses specific temperature control and microvibration to interfere with pain transmission and perception. Massage Medic POD can offer lasting drug and needle free pain relief for a variety of pain conditions and can be safely used alongside current pain medications.


  • Improve Flexibility- Move over hot yoga! Massage Medic POD allows gentle movement with regulated temperature resulting in muscles that are better stretched and more flexible. The gentle vibration is powerful enough to remove fluid from joints improving flexibility and reducing fluid retention. Ideal for rehabilitation and all round mind body wellness.

  • Speed recovery and remove lactic acid build up- Overtraining and not allowing time to heal and rest increases your risk of injury.  Massage Medic POD can reduce the risk of injury, speed up recovery time and remove lactic acid from fatigued muscles. As you are laying down the vertebrae are separated allowing improved blood flow to circulate through the spinal column promoting effective regeneration of damaged tissue and muscle while providing relief from discomfort. It is a great way to soothe delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) so you can get back to your active self sooner.

What is remedial massage?


Remedial massage is a tactile therapy involving manual manipulation of the deep or shallow soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons, myofascia and ligaments. 


Remedial Massage can be used alone or with other therapies. Massage medic combines remedial massage with the option of hot and cold therapy, microvibrations, aromatherapy and exercise recommendations to provide advanced therapy and improve results.

What can I expect in my Massage Medic therapy session?


When you arrive for your Massage Medic Therapy, the initial part of the session involves a thorough patient consultation and assessment to determine your health status and to determine what type of therapies will be required to treat your concerns effectively. This may include having a traditional hands on Massage and  a session in the Massage Medic Therapy POD.


The goal of remedial massage is to help the body return to normal health after injury by assisting the relief of symptoms and pain and to restore optimum functioning.


After discussing the recommended treatment, your practitioner will leave the treatment room to allow you privacy to get undressed. You may choose to leave undergarments on or have your massage wearing whatever you feel comfortable in. Towels and sheets are provided to ensure modesty and that your privacy is respected at all times.  

During your treatment you will be asked for feedback and are free to discuss any questions you may have.

How much pressure is applied?


Your therapist can adjust the pressure of your massage to suit your comfort levels. The amount of pressure applied to your body during a remedial massage changes with the various techniques used and the reason you have come in for.  Your therapist will let you know what is required and will be guided by your feedback during the massage to ensure optimal results without going beyond your comfort levels.

Put your body in

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