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Natural Medicine Dispensary


Are you ready to have your natural prescription filled or looking to achieve your health goals with the assistance of quality and effective natural medicines and supplements?  


We know you want results with great quality products so we have set up an online dispensary for you to access all your natural medicines and supplements from anywhere in the world. No more worrying about trying to find a store that stocks your natural medicines because the All Natural Medicine and Dispensary has access to over one thousand retail and high strength, practitioner only herbal prescription liquids, tablets and capsules that can be delivered straight to your door. I stock an extensive range of Bush Medicines and Foods including our Bush Foods Foundations box and Bush Foods Entertainer box.

Even if you have a dietary or allergy concern, the dispensary has natural medicines that are:

  • vegan

  • gluten free

  • free from corn

  • dairy protein free

  • lactose free,

  • free from nuts and seeds

  • free from soy protein

  • alcohol free herbal liquids

  • compounded (made for you)  nutritional medicines

  • compounded (made for you) herbal medicines 

  •  organic 

And best of all you can get your very own account:


  • to order at your convenience

  • to access over a thousand quality supplements

  • access repeat prescriptions without going into the clinic

  •  with super-easy online ordering & check out. 

  •  competitive pricing and  free postage offers. 

  •  prompt, professional delivery tracking & packaging.

  • plus  you're supporting a local Australian regional business

To order: simply open your online dispensary account, select the retail products you would like or for prescribed products follow your natural prescription and complete the order. So simple! 



Natural medicines prescribed by your naturopath


Our naturopath Felicity has carefully researched each product and only recommends ones that are of highest strength, highest quality and ones with low to no allergens and excipients (like unnecessary fillers that can bind to active ingredients and make it unavailable for the body to use). Matching the right strength with the best quality gives you maximum results and is why you won't see the recommended products, or a substitute  product in a retail store or pharmacy.


Depending on your assessment and test results, Felicity will selected natural medicines that specific for you including are vegan, gluten free, free from corn, dairy protein free, lactose free, free from nuts and seeds, free from soy protein, and organic products where possible. You may even have nutritional and herbal medicines compounded for you meaning a specialised blend of key ingredients is formulated just for you. 


At the All Natural Medicine and Dispensary the natural medicines prescribed are monitored from ground level to harvesting, through to production and supply to ensure you receive the best products available. The clinic is proud to be able to support you with your health journey and support organic, sustainable and ethical natural medicines .

If you would like to have a natural prescription filled from Felicity or another practitioner and have it delivered straight to your door subscribe for your free dispensary account today. 


Our Brands

Delivery information:

Covid-19 may impact the below shipment and freight times. Availability of items may vary, speak with your practitioner for a suitable replacement if your usual product is unavailable.

We make every attempt to provide a responsive, fast, and reliable service, however, please note our delivery timeframes and costs are an estimate only.  The delivery periods below are used as a guide as provided by the courier and at the time of completion of your order, you will be informed of the correct amount owned. We are not responsible for delivery delays and note that changes from suppliers may occur without notice. 

Free delivery:

  • Free regular post delivery for all orders over $175

  • Free express post or courier deliveries for all orders over $300 (orders containing liquid herbs may incur a charge) 

  • Free Toll deliveries for all orders over $500 (orders containing liquid herbs may incur a charge)

  • Due to the prohibitive cost, we are unable to send Toll orders over 5kg outside of NSW

  • Note: Free delivery unavailable for international orders - sorry

Patient delivery charges:

  • $6.90 regular post - eParcel

  • $10.90 express post - eParcel

  • $9.90 Courier 

  • $12.50 Toll Priority / Go Logistics (Toll not available to NT or these postcodes) Note: Delivery to a PO Box or Parcel locker is not permitted using Toll Priority

  • (prices subject to change without notice. Use as a guide only)

Express post-delivery charges for orders between $175-$500: 

  • $3.90 express post any order over $175

  • $6.90 courier services for any order over $175

  • Free express or courier for any order over $300 (orders containing liquid herbs may incur a charge) 

  • Free Toll delivery for any order over $500 (orders containing liquid herbs may incur a charge) 

Cut-off times:

  • 1 pm AEST cut-off time every day, although this time frame is not guaranteed.

  • please note probiotics and cold goods may have a different cut-off times. 

International deliveries:

  • AusPost express: Avg 3-5 days delivery worldwide

  • AusPost regular: Avg 7-14 days delivery worldwide

  • Costs depend on the weight of your order, and your country. The amount is automatically calculated and presented to you in your checkout

Please note, international orders are made at your risk. Customs in your country can arbitrarily delay or refuse entry for your order. Please check the customs regulations in your country. The payment of duties and taxes are to be paid by the receiver. Refusal of payment may result in the parcel being sent back to the supplier. We are unable to accept returns in exchange for credits or refunds under any circumstances. 


*US Shipments: If a parcel is stopped at customs for additional product information, we are not held accountable as we are not able to provide this information when shipping. US Customs may send the parcel back without providing us with enough time to collect the required additional information.