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What is naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a holistic system of healing that incorporates a range of treatments and natural therapies based on the philosophy that your body, when under ideal conditions, is naturally able to heal and repair itself. Disease and ill health occurs when the body becomes out of balance from things such as poor diet, lack of sleep, stress, hormone imbalance and more, and thus normal functioning can no longer adjust to compensate and keep the body healthy. The body is amazing in that it can adjust to maintain balance however it can only do this for so long before you become unwell.  Naturopathy aims to restore this balance using  a range of natural treatments and then take a preventative approach by teaching you the skills and providing you with the tools to keep your health on track for an energetic, fulfilling life.

A naturopath is a person who is trained in the health sciences and in the principles and practice of naturopathy including medical herbalism, nutritional medicine, tactile therapies (such as remedial massage),  homoeopathy, hydrotherapy, and diet and lifestyle therapies. A naturopath will also use a wide range of assessment techniques, similar to your doctor to uncover the causative factors of your concerns. Not all naturopaths are skilled in these areas and is why you should always seek a naturopath who has a university qualification,  You expect that your doctor has gone to university so you should expect the same from you naturopath. 



My areas of expertise and passion are stress, digestion and gut health, sports performance and Bush foods and medicines Treatments are  based on assessing the whole person and  aim to treat the underlying,  cause not just the condition, disease or symptoms  you have come with.  This is important as no two people are the same. An individualised approach to health  using natural medicines while treating the cause of the concerns allows you to get longer lasting results.  Think of it this way,  if you are a 30 year old female racing around after young children, why should you receive the same treatment as a 60 year old retired male just because you have the same condition? You are unique and have different needs  and your treatment needs to be just as unique as you.   

Telehealth: online consultations

Telehealth is healthcare ‘at a distance’ and includes telephone and video calls. It is a system of healthcare shown to deliver the same quality care that you would get if you were face to face in clinic without compromising patient safety. The only difference is that you are sitting in another location to your naturopath. The benefits of telehealth video consultation include:

  • reduced travel for patients and families (especially those with young children)

  • improved access to specialists naturopathic care 

  • less stressful as you are in your own home in a relaxed, comfortable environment. 

  • more after hour appointment availability for those working during the day

Video consultations are an alternative option to physical consultations however in the case that you require physical testing such as blood pressure or body composition testing, you may be asked to visit the clinic or to go to your local pharmacy to undertake the testing. If you have a fitness device that tracks heart rate, blood pressure, sleep and a camera to take photos of nails and eyes, then you can also send those to your naturopath before your consultation. 

The system the All Natural Medicine and Dispensary uses does not require any special skills or software downloads. All you require is a smartphone, computer or a tablet and an email address. Your practitioner will send you an email with all the instructions and details about your appointment including a link to join your online meeting. All you have to do is simply open you email and click on your link at the time of your appointment to join the meeting room and see your practitioner. It really is that simple!  And just incase you don't have internet or a computer you can choose to have your consultation over the phone however video is preffered where possible. And remember, if you have any questions just ask. I am here to help you!

What can I expect when I see my naturopath?


When you have your consultation, you can expect to  be asked a lot of questions about your concerns, your current health, past health and other relating lifestyle and diet factors.  You may also be asked to  undertake similar tests that you may have had with your doctor such as blood pressure,  height, weight among others and/or given a blood test referral. I am also skilled in iridolody (the study of the eye), nail and tongue diagnosis, bio impediance body composition analysis, hair tissue mineral analysis and can request functional pathology like DNA and microbiome testing where required.  By asking questions, undertaking a range of tests and getting to know you, I can investigate the cause of your health concerns and develop a comprehensive treatment plan specific for your needs. To get your very own  treatment plan devised for your health concern book in for an initial health assessment.


Can my naturopath order blood tests?

Yes. Our naturopath can write a referral for a range of pathology tests from local pathology services and have tests fromfunctional pathology providers delivered to your door to assist in finding the underlying cause of your health concerns . If you have already had testing done within the last three months you may be asked to submit copies of them before your appointment.  

If you require monitoring of blood tests you are able to order tests without an appointment. Simply complete a request from below. 

Request a range of functional pathology and regular blood tests including:

  • Thyroid function

  • DHEA

  • cortisol

  • Iron Studies

  • Liver function tests

  • Inflammatory markers 

  • organic acids


Find a test and for more information see: 

Allergy and Intolerance tests

Cardiovascular tests

Environmental tests

Genetic and Wellness tests

Gut Health tests

Hormone Health

Mental Health

Routine Pathology


Our naturopath will contact you to discuss the test and to organise your request form. Individual tests vary in price and are an additional fees are applicable. 

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