Thermal Massage   1 hr $85    


Want a body that is relaxed, flexible and free of arthritic pain, cramps, muscle pain and post exercise aches? Thermal Massage combines traditional therapeutic massage with breakthrough pain technology to help soothe your body from aches and pains while improving circulation and lactic acid removal. Incorporates microvibration therapy, heat therapy, aromatherapy, chromatherapy and optional phytotherapy (stress relief and cramp relief).

Natural You  $130 initial  $80 return
Have you got a health concern? Are you tired and want more energy? Natural You is your personalised Naturopathic program that can assist you to get your health on track and feel great everyday! Program includes initial Naturopathic assessment, Level 1 Health testing lifestyle assessment, Iridology scan and take home treatment plan with herbal, nutritional, lifestyle and homoeopathic recommendations.  Be your best and be the natural you! 
Food Fit Nutrition      $60 
Have you ever wondered if your diet is providing you with adequate nutrients to keep you energetic and well? Food Fit will assess your current diet and your intake of over 100 different essential nutrients so you can boost your health without having to go on a strict diet. Food Fit is a fantastic addition to any health or fitness program and is essential for anyone wanting optimal health. How Food Fit are you?

Keep Naturally Healthy & Fit Anywhere, Any Time!


Regardless of where you live or if you are unable to leave the house,accessing our high quality natural healthcare services has never been easier! As a leader in natural healthcare, the All Natural Medicine and Dispensary now offers a range of remote access and Telehealth programs in addition to in clinic consultations to help you achieve your health goals no matter where you are in the world! Health Fund Rebates Available.

Relaxation Pod         1/2 hr $40


Did you know that 20mins in our relaxation pod is like having a 2hr sleep? Relax and unwind in your private oasis with our temperature adjusted sleep pod that gently rocks your body into relaxation. Add in negative ion air, aromatherapy and specific music therapy to distract your thoughts and allow your body to quietly slip into a deeply relaxed and refreshing state. (Available in clinic only)

Sports Massage Pod  1/2 hr $40

Ideal pre and post exercise to warm up body, improve flexibility, prepare muscles and joints, improve circulation and remove lactic acid (Available in clinic only)

Pathology & Testing      various.


Gain an accurate assessment of your current health with a wide range of pathology and tests. No referral needed.

Full Blood Count

Adrenal Hormone Profile

Digestive analysis

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Hair Biocompatability test (500 items)

Level 1 Testing

And More..

Please Note: Prices include GST where applicable and are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include supplements or skin care unless otherwise specified. Please contact your private health fund provider to check your coverage and rebate eligibility.

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