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The All Natural Medicine and Dispensary offers you the ability to achieve great health with natural medicines alone or by combining natural medicine strengths with conventional medicine's strengths. By giving you choices with your healthcare you have the ‘best of both worlds’ and can treat beyond symptoms to live happier, healthier and more energetic lives- naturally!

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Meet your Naturopath:

     Felicity (Flick) Kerslake 


My Story

From the age of 13 years, I always wanted to be a Naturopath despite never being to one or knowing what one really was!  Call it divine intervention or an intrinsic life mission ( I really don't know why I just trusted my gut and went with it), I began my journey into Naturopathy reading books, doing courses, before finishing school and attending university to complete my Naturopathy degree. During this time, as an avid sportswoman, I was able to fulfill my sporting dream of representing the Australian Universities team in soccer and travel through the early 2000s, playing sport and meeting new people. 


Life was crazy busy. I was working long hours building a business, juggling a young family, making sure everyone's needs were met, playing and volunteering in local sport, competing in bodybuilding competitions, and somehow squeezing in a social life. However, I was quickly burning myself out despite my good intentions. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 31, that I finally stopped, took notice, and realised that I had to change my ways, I had to slow down and put my health first.

So after being told I would never play sport again nor would I make 35, I began refocussing my energy on my own health and took a break from the non-essentials. I put my knowledge to use on myself, worked with medical teams, and successfully navigated my cancer challenge, restoring balance to my life and reaching optimal health and happiness. I was even able to return to the sporting field, playing soccer, touch football, gym, and running!

Now, my passion for supporting others reach optimal health and peak performance every day with natural medicines is stronger than ever.  I enjoy sharing in others' journeys,  empowering and educating others to put their health first, and use natural medicines to reach optimal health and performance. I have a strong interest in gut health, stress and anxiety, low immunity, allergies, wellness, and fitness while making optimal health achievable for even the busiest person. 

Your health is your asset. Let my experience and passion for integrative natural healthcare start you on your journey to reach optimal health and perform at your peak every day. Book in a Free 15 min chat with me to find out if naturopathy is right for you.

Felicity has a Bachelor of Naturopathy from Southern Cross University,  is a qualified Sports Nutritionist, Level 1 Sports Trainer and holds professional membership with Australian Traditional Medicines Society, Sports Nutrition Australia, and Sports Medicine Australia. If you have private health insurance you may be eligible for rebates. *

*Please speak with your health insurance provider for cover and eligibility.