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Nutrition for
Health & 

 Heal and nurture the body from the inside out
to perform at your peak, in any task.

Peak Performance Nutrition

If you are serious about getting the most results for your efforts, then peak performance sports nutrition will fast-track you towards your goals. 

Peak performance sports nutrition is not just about sporting teams and athletes. Peak performance nutrition is suitable for everyone who is ready to make a change, who wants to feel better, and for those who want to change their body composition to boost metabolism for long-term wellbeing.

Learn what fuel your body predominately uses during exercise to maximise performance and take your training to the next level. With your own personalised peak performance sports nutrition program, you will learn all the key secrets and tips to a successful journey,  and have access to all the tools you need in order to achieve your weight loss/gain & body composition goals. Get results for weight loss, get in shape during the preseason, push past plateaus, prep for bodybuilding, and improve your team sports performance with qualified sports nutrition advice. 


With peak performance sports nutrition,

you'll know how to use food as medicine to fuel

your specific activities, you can stay on track, 

optimise recovery and learn the tips and tricks

for long-term success.

 Your 6-week program includes assessment,

3 diet diary reviews, basal metabolic rate,

macro calculations, energy in reserve,

4-week meal plans, recipes,  shopping guide,

weekly access to live naturopath and sport nutrition chats, plus a whole heap of resources and support in the online group. 

Peak Performance Nutrition can be undertaken with your current gym or exercise program so start your Peak Performance Nutrition journey today! Book in for a FREE Chat with Felicity to find out if Peak Performance Nutrition is right for you. 

Reach Optimal Health:

Supporting digestion and using food as medicine is a core component of naturopathic medicine. Our food can be our greatest medicine, but it can also be our greatest foe which is why it is essential to know what foods are best suited to you and your needs. The All Natural Medicine and Dispensary have made a range of food as medicine meal plans that go beyond supplying the body with macro and micronutrients, and into the next generation  where your food can become your medicine and: 

  • improve digestion

  • decrease inflammation

  • support our microbiome 

  • feed our 'good' bugs 

  • improve immunity

  • heal the gut

  • induce healthy ketosis for fat loss

  • boost energy

  • speed up recovery

  • clear skin 

  • promote breastfeeding (lactation) in nursing mothers

  • improve performance in sport

  • and relieve symptoms from many conditions 

Our meal plans were built upon the following non-negotiable principles:


Easy to make, tasty, and something busy people can do. 


Best of all the plans have been designed with the busy person in mind so they are quick, tasty, easy and use readily available ingredients. All the hassle has been taken out of meal planning  for you with each plans containing all you need to get started including:

  • naturopathic nutrition information

  • delicious, coloured recipes

  • easy step by step methods

  • shopping list

  • simple preparation guide

  •  handy hints and tricks to keep you going and feeling amazing from the inside out.  

Get the most out of what you eat for less effort with my meal plans and nutrition plans. If you don't want a ready-made meal plan,  let me create a nutritional meal plan that is custom-made to suit your needs. So what are you waiting for?  Start today to a healthier you using food as medicine and bok in for a nutrition review today.

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