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to heal and nurture the body from the inside out

You are what you absorb, not just what you eat  

You are what you eat used to be the go to whereby the thought was simply eating healthier would result in better health. However we now know that eating healthy does not always result in great health. Why? Because we are what we absorb, not just what we eat and eating is more than just supplying the body with the basic vitamins and minerals. 


Through modern day stressors of work and family,  environmental exposures to chemicals, medications and genetic factors, the great food we are eating may not be getting to where it is needed and may even be making your symptoms worse. This may explain why some people can eat certain foods for most their lives then, what feels like all of a sudden, those same foods can become irritating to the body and start causing symptoms. 

Supporting digestion and using food as medicine is a core component of naturopathic medicine and unlike other nutrition plans who's sole focus is on macro and micro nutrients, the All Natural Medicine and Dispensary have made it a non negotiable to create a range of food as medicine meal plans that go beyond supplying the body with macro and micro nutrients and into the next generation of food as medicine where your food can:

  • improve digestion

  • decrease inflammation

  • support our microbiome 

  • feed our 'good' bugs 

  • improve immunity

  • heal the gut

  • induce healthy ketosis for fat loss

  • boost energy

  • speed up recovery

  • clear skin 

  • promote breast feeding (lactation) in nursing mothers

  • improve performance in sport

  • and relieve symptoms from many conditions including auto-immune disease, PCOS, insulin resistance, difficult weight loss, lymphoedema and many more.

Best of all the plans have been designed with the busy person in mind so they are quick, tasty, easy and use readily available ingredients. All the hassle has been taken out of meal planning  for you with each plans containing all you need to get started including:

  • welcome letter

  • heaps of oloured recipes

  • easy step by step methods

  • shopping list

  • simple preparation guide

  •  handy hints and tricks to keep you going and feeling amazing from the inside out.  

Get the most out of what you eat for less effort all by finding the fight eating plan for you. If you don't want a ready made meal plan,  our naturopath can create a nutritional meal plan that is custom made to suit your needs. So what are you waiting for?  Start today to a healthier you using food as medicine with one of our great meal plans below.

Weight loss with

Get relief from auo-immune conditions while enjoying delicious paleo foods. 

Free from all legumes, nightshades, nuts, grains, and seeds to lessen the impact on the immune system

7 days to
Sugar Free living

A simple delicious meal plan with zero added sugars to help kick your sugar habit, all without feeling deprived. Perfect for anyone new to sugar free living or in need of a sugar detox

Busy People
Set & forget

Short on time? Set it and forget it. No fuss dairy-free and gluten-free recipes. This plan will have you using your pressure cooker to create delicious and healthy meals without the fuss.