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       Bush Medicine and Plant Healing


Australian Aboriginal cultures have long been aware of the traditional healing uses of plant materials and their ability to promote wellness and nourishment.  Some native plant parts are considered nutritious, tasty foods while others have been used for healing, hunting, and ceremonies. 


Bush Food for Thought experience, Bush Medicines, and Your Land, Your Life program is the merging of my passions for naturopathy, plant medicine, and nutrition with my Wiradjuri culture, The aim is to promote optimal health and wellness while building awareness of Aboriginal traditions in health, wellness and connections to Country. The experience draws upon ancient wisdom, culture, and modern-day science, to enlighten you and reward you with the tools and knowledge to reach optimal health and peak performance everyday, in your own homes. 


Bush Food For Thought Experience

Have you ever wondered how our beautiful country sustained, nourished and supported one of the oldest cultures in the world? 

For over 50,000 years, Australian native plants and animals provided Aboriginal peoples with nourishment, wellness, a variety of unique flavours, while nurturing their connection to others and to Country.

Bush Food for Thought will take you on a journey into Bush foods, uncovering how plants are rooted deep into Aboriginal identity and cosmology, and how Bush foods were collected, foraged, and prepared to unlock the nutritious benefits while avoiding the potentially deadly toxins often found in bush plants.

​You'll explore how bush foods and being connected to County can impact wellness and bring about a sense of peace knowing that you are never alone; everything living thing on Country is connected- people, plants, and animals. Your Bush Food for Though experience will have you connecting as you join in the group storytelling while sharing a yarn over the unique tastes and flavours of a delicately prepared, and delicious Bush food tasting platter. 


Depending on the season, you'll experience the taste of a range of different foods incorporating  Lemon Myrtle, Kakadu plum, Tasmanian Pepperberry, Lilly Pilly right through to bread made from the crushed seeds of native millet and kangaroo grass.


Bush Food for Thought has been designed to bring people together, slow down from the business of life, and promote wellness by reconnecting us to others, our spirits, to culture and to our Country.  Limited spaces and times, Sign up below to enjoy the taste of the bush and Experience Bush Food for Thought today! Cost $197


2022 Bookings click on the link

2022 Bush Food for Thought experience go for 1.5 hrs and are run in groups of

20 people maximum ( may vary depending on Covid restrictions). Groups  run on

the last Saturday of each month and require a minimum of 16 people per group to run.

For larger groups and other times please email info@allnaturalmedicine.com.au

Online Bush Food for Thought

Bush Medicine & Plant Healing


Unable to meet face to face and would like to experience bush foods and medicines online from the comfort of your own home? Join me live and connect with others in the exciting online version of the Bush Food For Thought program. Discover the beauty and amazing benefits of medicinal plants and traditional Aboriginal medicines with online Bush Medicine and Plant Healing tours.  Learn about the traditional uses of bush foods and medicines, their therapeutic actions, including the current use and scientific knowledge as well as the traditional methods used to induce health and healing.

Throughout the journey, you will be taught what plants were used, their beauty and I'll take you on a virtual tour into my own garden to uncover what bush food and medicine secrets are hiding in there. 

What you'll receive:

  • 2 hours of live Bush Medicines  and Plant Healing  ($378)

  • bonus recorded videos ($189)

  • delicious recipes book , meal plan and shopping list ($89)

  • Unlimited access to support and Facebook Group  

  • VIP Notification of upcoming courses and Bush Products

Value  over  $650

Price: $257 (incl GST)

To get the most out of your online experience I recommend you purchase a Bush Foods Favourites Box or the Bush Foods Entertainer Box containing all the Bush Foods you need to start using Bush Foods at home. ($89). Pre-order yours today by emailing info@ allnaturalmedicine.com.au


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We would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we live, work, play, and pay our respect to Elders past, present, and emerging. 

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