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Natural medicine for the whole family. Achieve great health and happiness using naturopathy

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Medicinal foods heal from the inside out. Find out how you can improve health and use your food as medicine

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Enjoy the winter months and breathe easy with clear sinuses and a robust immune system

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Remedial, sports and pregnancy massage for relief of tension and pain

Less stress, more energy so you can reach optimal health and perform at your peak every day


When you're busy juggling the demands of life, trying to keep on top of things, there is no time to feel tired or run down. You are always on the go, you have goals you want to reach,  you have been working consistently, and you are enjoying  spending time with family and friends with energy to spare.  The results for your efforts are showing at work, at home , and in recreational pursuits. You feel great, you look good, your spirit is nurtured, and you feel connected which brings you joy every single day. This is optimal health and this is where I can take you.


However, when life is busy and throuws curve balls, it can be difficult to priortise you, and keep you health on track, especially when the things we once did may not be working as well now. Somehow in the business of life, you may have been caught in the daily grind,  found yourself in a plateau, over or undertraining, not eating as well as before, and not progressing as fast as what you want despite the effort you are putting in. You may even notice the following symptoms:

  • digestive complaints and upsets

  • feelings of stress and burnout

  • sinus and allergy symptoms

  • low energy

  • low immune 

  • not able to make muscle gains


 While you may be able to continue on in the short term, the longer term effects of pushing through can begin to slowly creep in. This is very common and I see this a lot busy parents, health professionals, CEO's, business owners,  university students, sports players and athletes.  This was me too  until I decided to take charge  and make the change to happier, less stressed and more energised within my home life, work life and sporting life. 

The great news is that you can make the change and reach optimal health  and peak performance using natural and bush medicines too.! Even if you don't know where to start and  your  health has been suffering or you are not feeling like you,  then you are in the right place. Here is where you will start living a less stressed, more energised life, starting  today!


 How do you know where to start?


There are three Foundations to great health: 

  1. HEAL Mind For Energy Foundations Program (9 weeks)

  2.  Your Land, Your Life Advanced  Health Program (9 months)

  3. Program for Exercise and Performance Success (PEPS)  Talk  Elite  (12 months)

These programs are the key to your success, regardless of what your health goal is- I will tailor make them to you. Throughout my 18 + yeas in clinic, I have created these programs based on results and the success of clients who have gone on to live happy, fulfilled and energetic lives. I have supported their growth  by making programs that WORK, and have  created a process that breaks down the steps  to optimal health into smaller, manageable steps so even the busiest of people can find the time to do them . No more excuses of no time- I know you can do this.  You'll be taught the effective yet simple methods and  secrets to lasting results,  and enjoy a lifelong journey of optimal health and performance.  You will have my 100% support along the way, where I will be interacting weekly with you to keep you accountable, and on track even when life throws a curve ball your way. 

If you are sick of being sick, want more energy, less stress and  can't afford to be run then now is the time to make a change and start living the energetic life you want. To find out where to start, book in for a free 15 min Health Strategy call to see what is right for you here

  • viral rashes and eczema

  • constant cold and flu's

  • weight not shifting and plateau

  • injuries and slow recovery

  • not feeling well, yet not quite sick

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Natural and Bush Medicines

To  assist getting your health on track I use  a range of natural  and hush medicines such as: 

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Bush Foods and Medicines

  • Nutritional Medicine

  • Sauna Massage POD

  • Homoeopathy

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Exercise as medicine

  • Lifestyle medicine 

  • Whole food as medicine


Natural and bush medicines  are selected to match your unique needs to ensure that your treatments are safe, effective and  right for you. 

To ensure you are able to achieve your health goals and get the results you want, the All Natural Medicine and Dispensary has access to a range of high strength, practitioner only prescription liquids, tablets and capsules that can be picked up locally or delivered straight to your door.